Ballintoy to Giant's Causeway Coast Path

Saturday 15th September 2018

Today we caught the bus to Ballingtoy to walk back towards the hostel along part of the Giants Causeway Coastal path.

The harbour here will be familiar to some, as it was used as a filming location for The Game of Thrones series. Some boulder hopping around a couple of headlands to the sandy beaches of White Park Bay, could have left us with wet feet as the tide was coming in and at high tide, the route here can be unpassable.

Lunch was taken overlooking Dunseverick harbour. A little further along we witnessed (not literally and not a 1st for the club) a wedding ceremony taking place on the hillside. With the remains of Dunseverick Castle and the North Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop, who could ask for a more romantic setting.

Continuing along the grassy path along the cliff tops, the coastline became a series of rock arches, stacks and inlets, as we neared the legendary Giant's Causeway. Folk lore has it that the 40,000 salt basalt columns were carved from the coast by the giant Finn McColl! A steady steep descent above Port Moon began and a set of 162 steps, brought us to the main attraction where we were able to freely walk around amongst the crowds. A drink at The Nook was enjoyed before setting off for the last few miles back to the hostel.

As we had failed to book into any of the eating places, we decided upon a fish and chip supper back at the hostel with copious amounts of wine from the supermarket over the road. A shopping bag displaying “I ❤️ tarts” providing the entertainment, with somehow Andy being at the centre of the banter! The bag was being used by a family of eastern origin who we thought were unlikely to be aware of the double entendre.

Some of us decided to end the evening with a visit to the bar next to the hostel, the Scotch House. It became apparent that, it being a Saturday evening, most of the people in there were a bit tipsy. Judith decided to wind up one loud young man by saying she was Italian. They were very hospitable though, with one customer going around collecting stools for us to sit on.

Report – Sue

Walk rating – Very Good.

Pictures by Alan

picture 1

As we disembark from the bus, a flock of sheep pass along Ballintoy main street.

picture 2

The chuch at Ballintoy.

picture 3

Ballintoy Harbour.

picture 4

Anybody recognise this from Game of Thrones?

picture 5 picture 6

It got a bit rocky in places.

picture 7

You don't see this every day on a walk. It was drizzling at the time.

picture 8 picture 9 picture 10

Our view of the Giant's Causeway from the cliff top.

picture 30

Pictures from closer.

picture 31 picture 32 Back line