Friday 19th April 2019

Our first stop on our trip up to the lakes was at what is now known as “Geoff's Café” as he was the first to decide to stop there. Here a couple of our party could not resist a quick bacon butty whilst waiting for us all to arrive. For the record, our party comprised Alan, Andy, Judith, Roger, Nigel, Yvette, Alexandra and Mark.

When we arrived in Grasmere, we found that all the spaces except one at the hostel were taken. So whilst Mark grabbed the one available, Nigel and Roger found a space at Tweedies Hotel where Roger was staying. We later found that a group of 30 from an Ipswich walking group had come up on Thursday, which is obviously a good strategy for getting a parking space.

For our short afternoon walk, we walked into the fell to the south–west of Grasmere. Whilst we did not technically follow the planned route, this did not matter as we were just out for an afternoon stroll. One person that we met thought we were lost as we didn't seem to know where we were going. But we ended up at the top of Silver How from where we got some fine views.

Back down, we stopped in the large garden of Tweedies Hotel to enjoy the sun. We recollected that the last time we had been there in 2010, it had been freezing. Due to the good weather and the limited number of staff behind the bar, it took us about 20 minutes to get served.

Back at the hostel, booking in took about 20 minutes as we had a complicated booking that involved Judith and Alan swapping beds on Saturday and back again on Sunday. Fortunately the warden knew what was going on and managed to sort us out each day.

For our evening meal we went to the 1769 Restaurant at the Inn at Grasmere. Our pre–booking meant we got a prime location in the conservatory where we had a very pleasant meal.

Report – Alan

Walk rating – Very Good

Pictures by Alan, Alexandra and Roger

picutre 1

Here we are at “Geoff's Café”. It also seems to be the stop of choice for bikers.

picutre 2

How many people does it take to read a map?

picutre 4

It's not long before we find our way out of Grasmere.

picutre 5

Helm Crag rises nearby, but we are not doing that today.

picutre 3

Here we are at the top of ...... somewhere!

picutre 6

There are good views from the top of somewhere.

picutre 7

The path down.

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