Sunday 21st April 2019

Today we split into three groups. There was the serious walkers who decided to walk up Helm Crag, the less serious walkers who took the lower level route around Grasmere Lake and Rydal Water and Mark accompanied by Alexandra who went to casualty at Barrow Hospital to get some professional treatment for Mark's knee.

The lower level route turned into a very relaxed day's walking. As we arrived at Rydal, we were ready for coffee, and we immediately came across the Glen Rothey Hotel with a very pleasant outdoor seating area; so this was the first stop of the day.

After leaving the Glen Rothey, we returned to our route and upon walking up the road to Rydal Mount came across a house where Wordsworth used to live and which served cream teas. We couldn't resist and so our second stop was quite soon after our first.

We did then do some walking, as we took the elevated path back along the Rydal valley to Grasmere. We then returned to the 1769 Bar for our post–walk drink and to await the others.

For our last evening, we were booked into the Dove Bistro which was attached to the Wordsworth Hotel. Here we had debatably the best meal of the weekend thus being a fitting conclusion to our stay in Grasmere.

Report – Alan

Walk rating – Very Good

Pictures by Alan, Alexandra and Roger

picutre 1

Views of Grasmere.

picutre 2 picutre 7 picutre 4

Looking towards Rydal Water.

picutre 9

Rydal Cave looking out.

picutre 5

A shot inside the cave.

picutre 11

Crossing the bridge at Rydal.

picutre 12

A cream tea in the garden of a house where Wordsworth used to live.

picutre 13

We walk back looking over Rydal Water.

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