Coombs Dale and Longstone Edge

Saturday 18th August 2018

Six of us set our from Calver and soon turned off the road into Coombs Dale which leads into Rough Side (another dale) which between them provide a gentle rising path into the hills.

At the top of the Dale, the route turns left and passes through Rowland, Hassop and Pilsley, before turning back towards Calver through Bank Wood and Bramley Wood.

The weather generally was hot and sunny, but in the middle of the day, some cloud came in to give some welcome respite from the heat for a while.

As we approached the end of the walk in Calver, Alan decided to try a short cut on his own to get back to the car before the others. However, he had complely misjudged where in Claver he was, and ended up wandering the streets of Calver (it's bigger than you think) whilst the others wondered where he had got to.

Despite having parked 50m from a pub, our after walk drink took place in a coffee shop by the traffic lights in Calver.

As we set off home, we had just joined the traffic caused by Chatsworth, when Neville discovered he had lost his glasses. So after a quick U turn, we went back to our parking spot and the coffee shop, where fortunately for Neville, somebody had handed them in.

Report – Alan

Walk rating – Very Good.

Pictures by Alan

picture 20

Coombs Dale provides a gentle rising route into the hills.

picture 21

This walk had plenty of good views.

picture 22

Hassop Hall where Roger had stayed a couple of times for both business and pleasure, but insisted he had not mixed them.

picture 23 picture 24

Our lunch stop just outside Pilsley (the rest of us were sitting on a picnic bench out of shot).

picture 25 picture 26

We had seen the E from some way off, and its significance became clear when we saw the R.

picture 27 picture 28 picture 29 Back line