Black Ashop

Sunday 7th April 2019

As the walk was advertised as being on the edge of the Peak District I assumed (wrongly) we would start in Derbyshire but apparently where we met at Wharncliffe Side, is in South Yorkshire. I say where we met, as Roger was already in the area, having stayed overnight following the purchase of new walking boots.

We split into 2 groups so that we could follow a longer and shorter route. There was quite a steep climb at the onset, the views somewhat obscured by the low cloud. Lovely to see the spring lambs bouncing around. Several styles to negotiate and I swear each one got higher.

After coffee we headed into White Lee Moor, where there have been sightings of Spotted Cranes and Green Winged Teals this year, not by us, but there was plenty of birdsong. Curlews and Peewees Alan reliably informed us. [Ed – I know pee and wee go together, but they were Peewits or Lapwings]

Our lunch spot could have been sitting on a green bench overlooking one of the many reservoirs in this area if we had gone a few more steps but as we didn't we sat in the woods. Anyway, after lunch we headed towards Poggs Wood, relatively flat through here and views still obscured by the cloud. At Broomshead Reservoir Alan text the other group to check on their whereabouts, they were not far behind us. We decided that it would have been nicer to walk on the opposite side of the reservoir as there looked to be a nice footpath running around the perimeter of the water, whereas the side we were on had a road.

Just a short walk further was More Hall Reservoir. finally the sun came out shining across the water. We walked across the bridge over the spillway, which was seeing some use, indicating that, although a relatively dry winter, the reservoir was full.

Back at the car park, the others arrived about 10 minutes later and we headed to the nearest watering hole, which was The Blue Ball.

Report – Sue

Walk rating – Very Good

Pictures by Alan

picutre 1

It was a bit of a murky day but it didn't rain.

picutre 2


picutre 3

There is a very ornate church at High Bradfield with a very large cemetery.

picutre 4 picutre 7

Looking back towards the dam at Broomhead Reservoir.

picutre 5

More Hall Reservoir.

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