Sheringham Park

Sunday 13th May 2018

We set off from an overcast Peterborough with new walker Cilla, (who later disclosed, it was her birthday) and on parking up at the route start, Sue realised that she had left her walking boots in her car. Thankfully she wasn’t wearing flip flops so able to take part.

It wasn't long before we had our first sighting of the steam puffing upwards from the train station at Weybourne. Claire got quite excited at the idea of seeing a puffing billy but Neville suggested it might only be the station masters pipe! [Ed – still enough to get Claire excited!]

Still overcast, we walked through the heady aroma of wild garlic growth to our ‘regular’ coffee stop by the pond, still with tadpoles.

The sky began to clear and by the time we had reached the lunch spot on the beach, it was really quite warm with a blue sky poking through. Claire asked Richard if he had found any fossils on the beach apart from those he was walking with!

Having passed the display of militaria, we continued our return along the beach, until it was time to turn inland towards Sheringham Park. We lingered on the bridge to check if a steam train was due but sadly not, before heading for the gazebo where Claire and Neville were the only adventurous ones today, to climb up for the view. The rest of us sat and chatted to a local or more to the point, she chatted to us, about her love of the North Norfolk coastline.

Usual post walk refreshments were taken at the tea shop after walking through the Rhododendron gardens. As a birthday treat Alan let Cilla have the choice of music on the way home; bet he is glad we didn't join in and left it to the stars of Motown.

Report – Sue B

Walk rating – Very Good.

Pictures by Alan

picutre 1

Our first sign that there are going to be some Rhododendrons out.

picutre 2

Blubells are out too.

picutre 3

Weybourne station and goods yard.

picutre 4

The wild garlic is also out.

picutre 5

The pond at our coffee stop.

picutre 6

Gorse is flowering as well.

picutre 7

The pool behind the beach.

picutre 8

Along the beach we pass signs of the tank museum.

picutre 9

Back over the railway and we didn't catch a steam train but we did see this strange–looking diesel engine.

picutre 10

And finally a selection of the Rhododendrons on our way back through Sheringham Park.

picutre 11 picutre 12 picutre 13 Back line