Sunday 22nd July 2018

The prospect of a more gentle walk this week enticed Gaby, Neville, Paul, Richard, and Yvette to head to the wilds of Hertfordshire. Leaving Walkern we had to cross a field of wheat, which prompted memories of 70's Flake adverts in Neville; this proved to be the theme of the walk with Campari, Fruit & Nut, Whole Nut, and even Smash adverts being recreated.

It seemed to be a day for planning walks as we met people on two occasions who were reconnoitring routes for future walks. It was at this time that the group decided that Paul was a rubbish leader as he had not done the same for this walk.

We stopped for coffee in the pretty village of Weston where a bench had thoughtfully been provided. While there we learnt of Jack O'Legs, a local giant, who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor (who does this remind you of?). When he was caught he was allowed to fire an arrow and was buried where it fell. Amazingly it landed in the graveyard of Weston church!

We returned through the villages of Luffenhall and Cromer (the tide was out). Our post walk drink was taken in the Yew Tree, a combined pub and Chinese restaurant.

Report – Paul

Walk rating – Good.

Pictures by Paul

picture 20

Yvette re–enacting the Flake advert.

picture 21 picture 22

I don't know who had upset Richard.

picture 23

Jack O'Legs grave.

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