Lee Valley

Sunday 24th February 2019

Our starting point today was the car park at Cheshunt where we welcomed Tina for her first walk with us.

Today's walk was to take us mainly along the Lee Valley, being surrounded by water for most of the time. This is in the form of either the River Lee, the Old River Lee, or the River Lee Navigation plus the Olympic water venues, so all in all a watery walk. Setting off we soon came across some of the sculptures dotted around the park, different in styles and materials. They included the Stag Beetle battling for a mate, musicality – a giant wooden xylophone, the Giants Chair, designed to give great views of the area and Play Boulders. Talking of sculptures, there was an abundance of MAMIL's on their cycles out and about today in the sunshine! [Ed – Sue, you are meant to be looking at the wild life!]

Today was a trip down memory lane for Alan, being the location of his early employment. He recalled the sound of gunpowder fire as munitions were once tested here (home of the Lee–Enfield rifle), the site today, being a wildlife park.

Lucky with seating for coffee and lunch with tree logs and bench table being available, but not so lucky with choice of post walk drinks. We had barely got out of the car when a local resident questioned our parking followed by a less than congenial host at the King Harold, still, we had completed a lovely walk in February sunshine of nearly 20 degrees so not all bad.

Report – Sue

Walk rating – Quite Good considering it is near London

Pictures by Alexandra

picutre 1

There were plenty of lakes around.

picutre 2

And still rivers.

picutre 3

And gigantic dragon flies on metal lilies.

picutre 4

The River Lee Navigation is rather straight.

picutre 7

Now giant stag beetles.

picutre 5

Kings Weir which has a castellated form to help keep upstream water levels down.

Pictures by Alan

picutre 6

Giant insects were a bit of a theme in the Lee Valley Park.

picutre 8

More picturesque water.

picutre 9

Giant furniture.

picutre 10

And still more water.

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