Flat Where It's At, Hunstanton

Sunday 24th June 2018

It was with some intrepidation that 4 of us met at The Woodman on a very hot morning as the walk length was listed to be 17.5 miles. On arrival and parking at old Hunstanton, Sue was the first to rebel by nipping into the nearby coffee shop for a cappuccino. We set off walking along the seafront passing by the 2018 carnival on the green, theme this year was the 60's and rows of beach huts, all in various state of repair. This prompted a conversation about a beach hut selling for £275,000 in 24 hours in Dorset, the one we saw for sale was posted on rightmove for a mere £25k.

On reaching Heacham, we could see what we thought could be a glamping site but turned out to be a field, known to the locals as the rifle butts, where you could pitch/ hire a posh tent. Alexandra would like me to mention the glamping cows that were present! Leaving the coastline we turned into Ken Hill woods which brought some welcome shade. It is reported that the many paths through these woods can be muddy in wet weather but there was no chance of this today.

We stopped to look at the array of bee hives....but only momentarily as there was a bit of buzzing around. We carried on through Snettisham where Paul thought Alexandra could get a coffee but although we came across a mobile coffee hut it wasn't ready for serving.

Lunch was taken sitting amongst the Norfolk Alps, having completed 9 miles and with a staggering 10m climb ahead of us [Ed – I take it this was metres not miles!], fortunately we skirted around this monster!

Paul tempted us with the possibility of ice cream when we reached Sedgeford, but sadly no luck. Here we picked up Peddars Way, passing Magazine Farm and then the old railway-line. Sedgeford formerly had its own station on the line between Wells and King's Lynn, but this was finally closed in 1963. Good fortune shone on us as on reaching Ringstead, which was hosting its open garden day, a converted horse box was selling hot and cold drinks. Alexandra's turn to rebel and enjoy a very nice espresso, lucky it was only that as we were dangerously near The Gin Trap Inn and a long cold one was beckoning! Alexandra told us that her Portuguese nickname is Shanna (possibly incorrect spelling) and that is what her friends and family call her; after 18 miles, I feel we are friends, so Shanna it is.

Finally we were back at the car park after 47,014 steps and decided on the pub on the green for post–walk drinks having patted ourselves on the back for our efforts.

Report – Sue

Pictures by Alexandra

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Not sure who this is, but it looks like she might be selling coffee.

picture 30 picture 31 picture 32

Is this another coffee stop?

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