Off With His Head

Sunday 27th January 2019

Having completed this walk, it struck me that it had not become clear what led to the title for the walk. It seems it was because East Bridgford was from where Charles Hacker, a parliamentarian, led Charles I to his execution before himself being executed after the Restoration.

East Bridgford was a welcoming village as it provided a nice little car park for us to stop, and in the car park we were able to pick up a map of local village footpaths, of which there was a surprising large amount.

Whilst it was dry and bright, there was a strong wind which made for difficult walking across some of the higher fields.

What used to be the Roman Fosse Way is now a dual lane trunk road, so our walk was extended slightly by the intricate bridging arrangements that had been made to carry the footpaths over the road. Still, better than having to dodge the traffic on a busy road.

East Bridgford continued to give a good impression by providing a comfortable pub for our post–walk drink.

Report – Alan

Walk rating – Good

Pictures by Alexandra

picutre 1

It was so windy the trees didn't have any leaves on them!

picutre 2

A fallen branch provides a seat for our coffee break.

picutre 3

The River Trent looking towards Gunthorpe.

picutre 4

Gunthorpe lock and weir.

picutre 6

The Aconites are out.

picutre 7

As are the Snowdrops.

picutre 8

East Bridgford village inn.

Pictures by Alan

picutre 9

More nude trees.

picutre 10

Paul, Chris, Simon and Alexandra.

picutre 11

The church at Kneeton.

picutre 12

Towards the end of our walk there are some good views over the Trent Valley.

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