Chiltern Hills

Sunday 27th May 2018

It is Bank Holiday Sunday and we only had three takers for this walk. The weather was fair although thunder storms were forecast later in the day.

This walk takes place in the three hundreds of Aylesbury which are Aylesbury, Risborough and Stone; a hundred being an administrative division that is geographically part of a larger region. There is a lot of woodland between Wendover and Princes Risborough and it was this that formed the location for much of this walk.

It was a warm day, too warm proobably for a 13 mile walk with hills, so there was at least one very weary walker by the end of the day.

But we were lucky that we did not get any thunder storms, so it was only sweat that dampened our tee–shirts. The post–walk drink at the Russell Arms at Butler's Cross was very welcome.

Report – Alan

Walk rating – Good.

Pictures by Alan

picutre 1

The chalk track and rolling hills are the first sign we are in the Chilterns.

picutre 2

A Roman snail, or in France, the edible snail, is native to this area. Anybody fancy a BBQ?

picutre 3

The monument at the view point on Coombe Hill.

picutre 4 picutre 5

The monument is dedicated to the men from Buckinghamshire who gave their lives in the Boer War.

picutre 6

There were several fields of oil seed rape to negotiate.

picutre 7

Somebody has been playing with the facade of this grand old house. It also has a dry moat around it.

picutre 8

There were plenty of woods on this walk and this forest glade enticed a picture.

picutre 9

You could see for miles, but there was a mist in the distance.

picutre 10

These Laburnum trees caught our attention.

picutre 11

A lovely little valley.

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