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This is the web site of The Walking Club,
a Peterborough based hiking group.

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Calendar of Events 2018

walk January 1st, Monday Walk 1/2018 – A Cheesy Walk, Stilton
walk January 14th, Sunday Walk 2/2018 – Saddington, Leics.
bed walk February 2nd to 4th, Friday to Sunday Weekend Away Walk 3/2018 – Haworth, West Yorkshire
meeting beer February 6th, Tuesday Club Night
walk February 18th, Sunday Walk 4/2018 – Spilsby to East Keal, Lincs.
walk March 4th, Sunday Walk 5/2018 – Sharpenhoe Clappers, Luton - replacement walk
walk March 18th, Sunday Walk 6/2018 – Banbury, Oxon – cancelled due to weather.
bed walk Friday March 30th to Monday April 2nd Easter Weekend Walk 7/2018 – Wasdale, Lake District
meeting April 10th, Tuesday Annual General Meeting
walk April 15th, Sunday Walk 8/2018 – Chesterfield Canal and Anston Brook
walk April 29th, Sunday Walk 9/2018 – Ringing Roger, Peaks
walk May 13th, Sunday Walk 10/2018 – Sheringham Park
walk May 27th, Sunday Walk 11/2018 – Chiltern Hills
beer June 2nd, Saturday Beer–by–Foot
meeting beer June 5th, Tuesday Club Night
walk June 10th, Sunday Walk 12/2018 – Hognaston, Peaks
walk June 24th, Sunday Walk 13/2018 – Hunstanton, Norfolk
walk July 8th, Sunday Walk 14/2018 – Monks Dale, Peaks.
beer meal July 14th, Saturday Social by Rail
walk July 22nd, Sunday Walk 15/2018 – Walkern, Herts.
walk August 5th, Sunday Walk 16/2018 – Marsden and the Standedge, Peaks.
meeting beer August 7th, Tuesday Club Night
walkmeal August 18th, Saturday Walk 17/2018Walk and a meal
walk September 2nd, Sunday Walk 18/2018 – Coombs Dale and Longstone Edge, Peaks
bed walk Friday 14th to Monday 17th September Weekend Away Walk 19/2018 – Northern Ireland
walk September 16th, Sunday Walk 19a/2018 – Croxton Kerrial, Grantham
walk September 30th, Sunday Walk 20/2018 – Newstead Abbey, Blidworth, and Fountain Dale, Peaks
meeting beer October 2nd, Tuesday Club Night
walk October 14th, Sunday Walk 21/2018 – West Stow and Icklingham, Suffolk
greyhound October 19th, Friday Greyhound Racing
walk October 28th, Sunday Walk 22/2018 – Tugby, Leics.
walk November 11th, Sunday Walk 23/2018 – A Look Over Lilley, Luton
walk November 25th, Sunday Walk 24/2018 – Stoke Albany, Northants
meal December 4th, Tuesday Christmas Meal
walk December 9th, Sunday Walk 25/2018 – Lode Mill and River Cam

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Calendar of Events 2019

walk January 1st, Tuesday Walk 1/2019 – ??
walk January 13th, Sunday Walk 2/2019 – ??.
walk January 27th, Sunday Walk 3/2019 – ??.
meeting beer February 5th, Tuesday Club Night
bed walk February 8th to 10th, Friday to Sunday Weekend Away Walk 4/2018 – Ironbridge, Shropshire
walk February 24th, Sunday Walk 5/2019 – ??
walk March 10th, Sunday Walk 6/2019 – ??
walk March 24th, Sunday Walk 7/2019 – ??.
walk April 7th, Sunday Walk 8/2019 – ??
meeting April 9th, Tuesday Annual General Meeting
bed walk Friday April 19th to Monday April 22nd Easter Weekend Walk 9/2019 – Grasmere, Lake District
walk May 5th, Sunday Walk 10/2019 – ???
walk May 19th, Sunday Walk 11/2019 – ???
walk June 2nd, Sunday Walk 12/2019 – ???
meeting beer June 4th, Tuesday Club Night
beer June 8th, Saturday Beer–by–Foot
walk June 16th, Sunday Walk 13/2019 – ???
walk June 30th, Sunday Walk 14/2019 – ???.
walk July 14th, Sunday Walk 15/2019 – ???.
beer meal July 20th, Saturday Social by Rail
walk July 28th, Sunday Walk 16/2019 – ???.
meeting beer August 6th, Tuesday Club Night
walkmeal August 10th, Saturday Walk 17/2019Walk and a meal
walk August 25th, Sunday Walk 18/2019 – ???
walk September 8th, Sunday Walk 19/2019 – ???
walk September 22nd, Sunday Walk 20/2019 – ???
meeting beer October 1st, Tuesday Club Night
bed walk Thursday 3rd to Sunday 6th October (dates to be confirmed) Weekend Away Walk 21/2019 – Portugal
walk October 20th, Sunday Walk 22/2019 – ???.
walk November 3rd, Sunday Walk 23/2019 – ???
greyhound November 8th, Friday Greyhound Racing
walk November 17th, Sunday Walk 24/2019 – ???
walk December 1st, Sunday Walk 25/2019 – ???
meal December 10th, Tuesday Christmas Meal
walk December 15th, Sunday Walk 26/2019 – ???